Dragon Lords is the first game we have created. Drawing inspiration from the old turn-based strategy games and implementing solutions we liked in the currently existing solutions existing in mobile gaming we created a successful hybrid: Massively Multiplayer Online Turn-Based Strategy Game. Released in 2011 it quickly gathered a loyal base of strategy fans.

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Soon after releasing Dragon Lords and seeing its success we considered the demand for game like this. With very few high complexity online strategy games on iOS and Android markets we decided to cater to a small niche of players who enjoy breaking down strategies and crunching numbers. Xeno Wars was the next logical step. Having a game engine with proven success we reached out to a set of players who instead of dragons preferred space ships.

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Heroes, Our third project is a brand new idea. A combination of Role Playing and Strategy with focus on creating high complexity strategies and player-vs-player competitive edge we are going to create a game that will allow players to spend in it as much and as little time they want and provide the same intelectually engaging experience.

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