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All our games have built in system of reporting problems. You can access it via the Home screen -> Help -> Contact support.

Support Requests are broken down into categories: Bug report, Coin purchase problem, Gameplay question and Restoring access to the account.

When reporting a problem with game functionality please provide as much information as possible: what exactly happened, what were you doing when the problem occured, did you receive any errors etc.

If you have purchased coins and they have not been added to your account, please open a ticket and email the receipt of the transaction to

Answers to most of the game play questions can be found in our Help. Please read it before posting a Support Ticket.

Finally, if you have lost access to your account, you should be able to regain access to it logging in with your email and password, if you have associated them with your account. If you don't remember the password you can reset it from the initial game screen, at which you will have to select Login (not Start!) and then "Reset password", using your email address.

While Support Requests are preferred way to contact us regarding the problems, we are also available at the email address